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512Meg VPS Node

R 79 pm

1 vCPU
512 MB RAM
10Gb Storage
400 GB Bandwidth
JHB Samrand DC
Monthly contract


1Gig VPS Node

R 99 pm

2 vCPU
1024 MB RAM
20Gb Storage
1TB Bandwidth
JHB Samrand DC
Monthly contract


2Gig VPS Node

R 199 pm

2 vCPU
2048 MB RAM
30Gb Storage
2TB Bandwidth
JHB Samrand DC
Monthly contract


4Gig VPS Node

R 399 pm

4 vCPU 
4096 MB RAM
50Gb Storage
2TB Bandwidth
JHB Samrand DC
Monthly contract


8Gig VPS Node

R 999 pm

6 vCPU - 2 CPUs
8192 MB RAM
150Gb Storage
2TB Bandwidth
JHB Samrand DC
Monthly contract


24Gig VPS Node

R 2499 pm

12 vCPU - 2 CPUs 
24576 MB RAM
200Gb Storage
3TB Bandwidth
JHB Samrand DC
Monthly contract


Virtual Server Features

Server Control
Reboots, Rebuilds & Usage

Custom Hypervisors

Optional Backups

Private Networking

Additional Storage

Optional System Admin

Available Operating Systems

Choose from a range of Linux and Windows Virtual Servers. With the latest builds you will be able to host your web application in any environment you like. 

VPS Server Addons

DataCenter Locations

Johannesburg, South Africa - Samrand
Cape Town, South Africa - Great Westerford

Operating System Choice

Linux Operating System




First install free

Windows Server Web 2008 R2 R179p/m
Windows Server Standard 2008 R2 R249 p/m
Windows Server Standard 2012 R2 R349 p/m
Linux Software Installations
LAMP - Apache - MySQL - PHP R150 setup fee
cPanel / WHM R350 setup fee / R299 p/m VPS Optimized License
Windows Software Installations
XAMPP Installation R350 setup fee
Server Configuration
Additional IPv4 Address R49 p/m
RapidSSL SSL Certificates R350 p/a / R99 setup fee
Thawte SSL Certificates R699 p/a / R199 setup fee
GeoTrust SSL Certificates R899 p/a / R199 setup fee
Server Management R175 p/h
Hardware Configuration
Additional IPv4 Address R49 p/m
Additional RAM per gb R89p/m
Additional Virtual CPU R89p/m
Additional Hard Disk Space per 50Gb R45p/m
Additional Network Interface R100p/m / R100 setup fee
Additional Traffic R1.20 p/gb

Virtual Server Hosting (VPS)

With our virtual servers you will receive full control. The control panel offers all the features of our hypervisors to be managed.

  • Control Panel - Update, Backup or rebuild with our control panel features.
  • Disk - Add additional disks to your VPS for extra storage.
  • SSD - Upgrade at any time to SSD drives.
  • RAM - Add additional RAM to your VPS.

Couldn't find what you looking for?

Try looking at our:

Custom Hypervisor Nodes

Need a large amount of Virtual Servers, we got you covered. We can setup a custom hypervisor for all of your virtual servers.


Get a range of servers, powered for your needs, we can have you setup in no time. If you looking a node in Johannesburg or Cape Town.


DNS Management

Manage your DNS records, directly from your control panel all updates will take 2 hours to propogate.