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About Clickworks Internet


Clickworks Internet, is a decade ol Internet and Web hosting company founded in 2009, is making its presence felt across South Africa - plugging individuals, families and businesses into the Internet with speed and smiles. It is situated in the Hub at the Old Castle Breweries, a local historical landmark of Cape Town, giving staff a relaxed environment to provide quality customer support. "At Clickworks, we prefer to build relationships with our clients. This way we get to know who we are dealing with and how better to help you with your personal or business online experience," says Jonathan Oaker, Managing Director of Clickworks Internet.

Internet connection in the workplace and at home is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As part of its ADSL packages, Clickworks takes care of the Telkom ADSL line installation and offers fast capped or uncapped Internet for home and office. With a Clickworks Internet ADSL account, streaming, gaming and downloading are a dream. With its new upstream agreement, you should receive the best quality in SA. All powered by Internet Solutions, providing quality connectivity to South Africa.

No business or service can survive without a fast, well-functioning Web site. If you would like a WordPress site, Clickworks will host it with a single click; for those who aren't familiar with WordPress, it is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to modify your blog or Web site with a simple user interface, so you would need to get expensive developers to manage your site. Clickworks will also host your domain name, with e-mail hosting for optimum professionalism. With its e-mail hosting, you can access your e-mail from anywhere. Gone are the days when you were limited to accessing your work e-mails in the office only.

Clickworks' managed IT solutions mean clients are not left high and dry, and can access the tech support they need, allowing them the time to focus on growing their businesses.

It also takes care of all aspects of network services, installing networks into offices and buildings, as well as taking care of your connectivity provisioning.

You can purchase a range of VPS' hosted in South Africa from Clickworks Internet. If you have a need for more control over your Web site and application, or need to install custom software, rather get a virtual private server. Clickworks Internet servers are based in Cape Town and Johannesburg for your convenience. You can begin with a basic server at only R69 p/m. This provides full root access to your choice of Linux operating system or you could look at a Windows VPS, including a free version of Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition. Now supporting Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition.